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Remember Geocities? I do. It's where I got started hosting my websites. The low barrier to entry made it easy to play around, make mistakes, and learn about building webpages. If it wasn't for sGeocities, Angelfire, Tripod, and a number other similar services, I may not be here today. And thanks to the good people over at Fog Creek (aka, Glitch.com), I was able to take my skills to the next level by building and learning node.js apps without the need to host them myself.

In this presentation I'll be gushing over Glitch.com, showing off its features, and trying to convince you why you should love it and use it to learn all the things.

Features that include:

  • Managed node.js app hosting
  • Coop live code editing
  • Remixing other apps
  • Git integration
  • Console access
  • Logging
  • Asking for, recieving, and offering help
  • and much more!