Drupal Camp Chattanooga 2020
Parent Track: 
Development & Performance

Load testing remains a straight-forward and simple way to test if a website can survive under some load. There are dozens of tools to write load testing scripts but you have probably heard of ab–Apache Bench. Apache Bench is good for quick validation but if you need more control or if you want to test specific user paths, you need a more sophisticated tool.

In this session, we will look at Locust for writing a load testing script. We will work through some of the basic Locust terminology and how to write a very simple script. Basic Python knowledge is required but we will look at some templates so that you don’t have to worry about Python and focus on website testing strategies. We will also talk about the beautiful graphs and reports produced by Locust.

After the basic examples, we will briefly talk about more advanced use cases such as simulating real traffic, integrating with some of the Locust plugins, and running Locust in a distributed way. At the end of the session, you should have enough skills to quickly write a simple locustfile and know where to find information for more advanced use-cases.