Drupal Camp Chattanooga 2020
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Maybe you are just starting to use Drupal or maybe you've been around a long time. Either way, don't you wish you had a cookbook of Drupal Recipes filled with great tasting stuff!

Starting this past summer the Fox Valley Drupal users group out in the far western suburbs of Chicago started talking about how each of us struggles with keeping up our "best practices" for Drupal projects we work on. Each is different, each has particular special needs, but most of us have those tasty recipes we can whip up when visitors arrive!

That was the start of a new "initiative" we are working on at Fox Valley Drupal. We want to share the latest with you and discuss how everyone can contribute to build-up the recipe book so the best recipes can end up somewhere on D.O.

This is a preview of a similar presentation given at Chicago Drupal on October 7th (so you don't fall asleep watch at least 1.5x speed)