Drupal Camp Chattanooga 2020
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Dev, Test, Live in your own AWS account


You’re likely paying a lot of money today for hosting your website with a multi-dev environment and a Dev, Test, Live workflow. 


And you’re probably paying for hosting each site individually. 


What if you could host ALL your sites in your own account with the same point-and-click UI and UX? 


What if it came with browser based dev environments? with a Cloud IDE (VS Code in a browser) so you didn’t need local dev environments?


What if your sites ran on the “Enterprise Grade Infrastructure” of AWS - without any shortcuts… 


What if everything was managed by AWS, so you didn’t have to worry about things going down? 


What if everything was automated… so you didn’t even have to know any AWS? 


What if your sites were set up in an auto-scaling cluster, that grew and shrank based on load and traffic? 


And what if you paid AWS directly… and only for what you used. No middle-man! No Lock-in!


Sound too good to be true? 


Come to this session and you’ll walk out knowing how to set all of this up TONIGHT in less than half an hour!


See you there.