All Day Drupal 8 Beginners Training.

Speaker: DougVann
Audience: Beginner
Track: Beginner Track

An all day introuction to Drupal 8 taught by Doug Vann.

Using Patheon as a development environment, all you will need is a laptop. 

Lightning Talks

Speaker: leew
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Non-Session

Lightning Talks⚡ are short (5min-ish) impromptu sessions on anything you want. Do you have something you’re proud of? Do you have a new technique that’s saving you time? Have you learned about something cool? Get up and share!

Checking under the hood: Auditing your website for a smooth ride

Speaker: volkswagenchick
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Beginner Track

We often talk about websites the way we talk about cars. Are you driving a flashy sports car or a stable hatchback? And is yours a lemon, no matter how pretty the paint job? And if you just got one used, what’s going on under the hood? There’s a way to address these questions about your website, and it’s called a technical audit.

The vast majority of site owners live in fear of the day their site “breaks down.” Performing a site audit can ensure you understand the current state of your site, from the back end code level to the front end performance. It can also help you see potential problems when it comes time to add features (like that sweet audio system).

People attending this session will learn the basic building blocks of performing a technical audit.

  • Approaches for auditing different aspects of your site: custom code, theme and front-end functionality, back-end configuration and modules, accessibility, etc.
  • Tools that can be used to run these tests
  • Tips on what to watch for when managing a website over time


Putting GatsbyJS into terms a Drupal developer can understand

Speaker: Dorf
Audience: Intermediate
Track: Sessions Off the "Drupal Island"

GatsbyJS is a great front end for a decoupled Drupal application, but learning how to use it can be scary for someone used to living in Drupal-land on the Island of PHP. Join me as I break down some of the components of Gatsby into their analagous Drupal parts to help get a clearer conception of what it's actually doing and how it's doing it, and maybe we'll even blur the lines between front and back end.


What is a node? What is a page? What is a template? If you live in Drupal-land, these are all familiar terms, but once you step foot into Gatsby-topia they all have different meanings. Don't worry, we'll figure it out together. During my time working with Gatsby, I've found several analogies between Drupal and Gatsby that have helped me to conceptualize what is actually happening behind the scenes and enabled me to architect Drupal and Gatsby applications. Once I unlocked the Secret Code of Gatsdrupbyal™ everything in the world (read project) began to make sense.

Now, for the low, low cost of attending my session, you too can have access to these secrets that made me a stronger developer, taller, and a better cook.*

During this session I will help you beat that habit you've been trying to rid yourself of, fix all of your personal relationships, and, even more importantly, understand the pieces of Gatsby in a way that will make your Drupal mind say, "Oh, hey... NOW I GET IT!"**

We'll examine components of Drupal and how they are pulled into Gatsby and spit out into a beautiful, fast site. We'll also take a look at how the Gatsby architecture is similar to the Drupal theme layer we know and love.

By the end of this session you will have unlocked the secrets of the universe and be ready to take on your next decoupled Drupal project, headed up by Gatsby. We'll also explore how just because Gatsby is built on React doesn't mean that it's only for front-end developers. Even those of us who consider ourselves back end can play!

*These statements have not been evaluated or approved by anyone.

** I've been advised that I should not make these claims without a disclaimer that some things I'm saying may not be true.

Laravel for beginners

Speaker: leew
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Sessions Off the "Drupal Island"

Building a CRUD app?
Laravel can do this really well, and you'll enjoy it too!

Come see how to build with Laravel, use your PHP and Symfony knowledge to be super productive in no time at all.

Sharing is caring: Don’t hold your knowledge hostage

Speaker: Dorf
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Sessions Off the "Drupal Island"

Why is helping others so important in not only the Drupal community, but in Open Source development at large? Every year, new people start learning Drupal, and every year, Drupal gets harder to learn. By being willing to help others by sharing knowledge and experience, we can build a much stronger community, while helping ourselves grow as developers.

Drupal is built by thousands of people, some developers, some designers, and some who do neither, but still love the project. What would happen if none of them shared what they learned with others in the community? How would new people learn to deal with Drupal’s idiosyncrasies and quirks without access to a helping hand? What do those who have experience have to gain from helping others out? Well, it would ruin the session if I gave all the answers here, now wouldn’t it?

Over the course of this session, I’ll be providing some examples of how having the drive to help others solve problems can build up your own skills. Whether you’re taking the time to answer questions on StackOverflow, watching the #support channel in Slack, or browsing the issue queue for opportunities to contribute, you have the chance to help others while becoming better at what you do.  And if you're new to the community, wondering what the best ways to ask for help are, don't worry, I've got you covered, too!