CSS Grid 101

Audience: Beginner
Track: Design, Theming, & Front-end Development

What is CSS Grid?
Why would I use it?
I'll walk through the main parts of CSS Grid to get you using it quickly and effiicently.
Terminoligy and methods for gettign the most out of the layout system.

All Day Drupal 8 Beginners Training.

Audience: Beginner
Track: Beginner Track

An all day introuction to Drupal 8 taught by Doug Vann.

Using Patheon as a development environment, all you will need is a laptop. 

Drupal vs. Static Sites Generators

Audience: All Attendees
Track: Sessions Off the "Drupal Island"

Drupal is not the best solution for every website.

There. I said it.

Sometimes a better solution is one that is faster to deploy, easier to maintain and has fewer security risks. Sometimes that solution is a static site.

Have I just committed a sacrilege? Am I suggesting we all ditch our careers as Drupal developers?

Fear not. Drupal is often still your best option. But it's true, static site generators can sometimes do the job better and faster.

This session will explore several ways to use static site generators to create and deploy sites quickly without the heavy lifting of databases, without the headaches of security patches, and without long, steep learning curves.

We'll talkl about several types of static generators, but we'll also make sure to discuss when and why Drupal is still a better choice. 

How to create website using Drupal 8 Headless.

Audience: Beginner
Track: Beginner Track

Hi am Abhay Pai, working for Srijan Technologies, currently working from Makati, Philipines.


Simple Good looking website, where we will manage the content in the website from Drupal.

Things to know:

HTML5, SASS, Javascript, nodejs, modular approach, Rest API, Drupal 8.


We will use Drupal 8 as cms, and use the core module of rest to give the output in json format. We will catch that json formatted data using Javascript in the frontend. and just display the data using html.


  1. You can share the publishing article wherever and whenever you want.
  2. User Experience is easily handled/controlled.
  3. You can update your frontend platform keeping the data, so that you wont recreate all content.


Join or Die: Converting an Organization to Drupal

Audience: All Attendees
Track: Project Management and Consulting

Converting an organization to using an open-source platform can be a challenging task. We'll take a look at how we converted Chattanooga State to use Drupal for the majority of their web presence, and show some examples of the sites and portals that are being used on campus. Some examples we will discuss include:

  • Chattanooga State Website: Migrated to Drupal from a proprietary CMS
  • TigerWeb: Our student portal that we replaced with Drupal
  • TCAT Time Tracking System: A system for tracking clock hours for technical programs
  • Others as time permits

Accessibility for JavaScript Powered UI

Audience: Intermediate
Track: Design, Theming, & Front-end Development

Site designers love tab panels, accordion sets, slide shows, and hover-drop-down menu bars: anything to squeeze more content into less space.  Unfortunately, many out-of-the box tools to generate these components can be severely lacking in accessibility compliance.  At some point, you may wish to just craft your own accessibility compliant components, but how do you do that?

Using WebAIM's tutorials as a reference, we'll dive into how to build the JavaScript needed to power these important UI tools while keeping the user experience fully accessible.  Lots of code samples with be provided with clear explanation of how they work.  The examples are based on using Drupal with the Paragraphs module as your website base, but the concepts can be applied to many other kinds of content systems.

* The basics of ARIA and specifically how it applies to JavaScript powered UI controls.
* How to apply and manipulate needed ARIA properties as users interact with such controls.
* Tips and tricks for working around some common browser shortcomings to achieve accessible JavaScript powered UI that still looks good, too.
* Specific tips for providing a slideshow (carousel) experience that balances designer desires with accessibility realities

Presenation Slides are available at http://webdev-pres.iac.gatech.edu/a4jspui/