Drupal Camp Chattanooga 2019
Parent Track: 
Development & Performance

From Multifield module to Field Collections and Paragraphs, the site-building tools at our disposal continue to mature. As one gains traction, its weaknesses begin to show and new solutions spring forth. And so it continues with the sunset of Paragraphs. This talk is for anyone who:

  • Builds with Paragraphs on medium-to-large sites, or
  • Leverages ECK to craft sub-entity solutions, or
  • Implements content architecture at scale.

Following on from of japerry's timely talk about the woes of entity references, we'll review the problems with using Paragraphs on large Drupal installations. When are sub-entity solutions a good fit, and when aren't they?

I'll demonstrate how you—yes, YOU!—can easily create custom fields. And finally, we'll look at a solution for developers and site builders alike, resurrecting multifield functionality from the ashes of Drupal 7 into the "Rich Fields" module for Drupal 8 (forthcoming to contrib).